Product Range
Cumin Powder
(Jeera Powder)
Black Salt Powder
(Kala Namak)
Yellow Chilly Powder
(Pili Mirch Powder)
Turmeric Powder
(Haldi Powder)
White Pepper Powder (Safed Mirch Powder)
Red Chilly Powder
(Lal Mirch Powder)
Coriander Seed Powder (Dhania Powder)


Latest Products

M/s Jay Kay Overseas Inc. is engaged in manufacturing and export of Indian spices both grinded as well as whole under the brand name "MUMTAZ".

At Mumtaz we offer the wide range of premium quality spices, rice & wheat product directly from drenched fields of India. We follow extensively audited quality control systems

providing our customers the quality they expect. We strongly adhere to health and safety standards for the industry. We assure freshness and purity in every pack of MUMTAZ spices, rice & wheat products. So spice of your meal with the tangy and delectable flavour of MUMTAZ products.

We have developed beautiful packaging in 100gms, 200gms, 500gms & 1kg pouches for whole spices, 100gms boxes for grinded spices, 5kg, 10kg carry bags for rice & 500gms, 1kg for wheat products. Our new packaging formats have been welcomed by retailers and consumers alike. We provide 24 months expiry period for whole spices, 24 months for grinded spices, rice & 12 month for wheat products. We also provide bulk packing.

We are trusted suppliers of high quality spices and rice to a wide range of markets. Our valued customer base includes the major grocery multiples and food chain suppliers in Middle East, Far East etc.

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